Digitalvitalism is a term suggested for aspects of the creative process occurring between a human and an electronic or digital machine in the course of making born digital poetic works. The term Digitalvitalism was coined by the Irish Digital Poet John Pat McNamara. This website is dedicated to John Pat McNamara and his work(s) in this interesting area. Please peruse the various sections and examples of digital works on this website and do feel free to offer feedback.

Living a life electric

I interviewed John Pat about his life experiences, beliefs, his first encounters with the art of poetry, his reasons and rational for pursuing that art in his own individual and innovative way. John Pat's responses offered access to a unique life experience and as a result it prompted us to create this website to celebrate the man and his art. This website is dedicated to the vision and talent of a man whom until relatively recently few knew and fewer of us understood.

A Life's Work

John Pat has kindly allowed us to host and reproduce selections from his life's work. There are currently over forty pieces of his electronic and digital poetry on this website for your viewing, engagement and stimulation. Several of these works he has created with the kind assistance of others, although most are entirely original creations. Some are highly personal works that explore his engagements with the human condition with respect to powered creative environments.

A Life of Work

John Pat appears to us as a man of the poetically technical moment and you can now find him in various venues across the internet. You can decide to follow him on twitter, or like his facebook page. John Pat is a maker of digital and electronic poetry and that poetry charts, and has become in respects, his life as a poet. Therefore we present audio and video interviews, alongside his works, where the poet has kindly agreed to discuss both his work and his life.

I AM the song THAT heard itSELF sing.

(Line taken from works in the cAMEltext.Net series )
John Pat has spent a life collecting and listening to stories. The most remarkable of which is perhaps his own. Visit the Interviews section and judge for yourself.
"The Untimely Death of a Narrativist" - is one of John Pat's hypertext experiments with a sonnet sequence. You can find it in the Later Works section.
"Conditional Ceasefire 1973" was one of John Pat's later experiments with Flash Poetry, it is also available in the Later Works section..
cAMEltext.Net sees John Pat returning to his desire for a spiritual poetry but one that most recently uses aspects of modern technological culture. View it in the Recent Works section.
John Pat has continued his digital poetics experiments by adapting and reinterpreting digital works by others. Here he offers 'Take Ogre [opens a new window]' his version of taroko gorge
After early, and sadly lost, experiments with VHS video and super 8 mm, John Pat recently resumed making digital filmpoems using contemporary technologies. See some here.

John Pat