Early Works:


When John Pat first discovered the various types of poetic forms, he began experimenting with them in what might be termed 'traditional ways'. It was only must later did he hit upon the idea of an electric poetry. A poetry he said would be charged with what he has since called 'material energies'.


Hurray...workmen have arrived to dig up my street

playing concrete cutters, steal toecapping feet,

yellow vests topped with red ear protectors

they activate pipe finding metal detectors.

Fiddling about in their big JCBs

transposed beyond notebook my own ABCs.

waving toodle pip to their honest labours,

sworn sown seeds in these literary endeavours.

Using my car keys we’ll jest drive to sea

cacophonous dusts; natures symphonies

there but for the grace of God go machines

made of flesh and ideas and binary scenes.

Suspect democratic corruption contractors

backhanded slappers lap dancing attractors

drown in pastoral pounds of their poo

knowing me knowing you fooling who

workmen have arrived to dig up my street

mythical layabouting stands as compete

with hardworking men versus capitalist tools

it takes poets time to pardon such fools.